Difference Between BPO and KPO Services

Let us look into detail about what difference they hold. BPO stands for business processing outsourcing and KPO stands for Knowledge Processing Outsourcing. Both the services hold benefits in their own way. BPO is the term which provides services such as customer care, telemarketing, sales and technical support which is supported through voice. On the other hand, KPO utilizes depth in knowledge, a greater expertise, and requires analysis in complex areas such as market research etc. In BPO good communication is needed and in KPO Specialized knowledge is needed.

What is the strategic importance of BPO and KPO in modern business?

KPO (Knowledge processing Outsourcing) is the core of all business activities. KPO requires distributing work to individuals who are specialized in certain areas. This requires knowledge-based work to qualified experts. Companies and businesses mostly utilize KPO services when they require specialized knowledge. There are various types of KPO such as technical analysis, medical and health care, financial consultants etc. KPO services are flexible and easy to handle.

On the other side, BPO the Business Process Outsourcing service holds a unique importance for businesses such as it is budget friendly, it is very efficient and flexible, it focuses on Business growth, it provides a better customer experience. BPO is important because it handles all kinds of standard business functions. These functions are handled outside the business. BPO holds a strong understanding.

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What are the Benefits of BPO Services?

Let us look into a brief detail as to what Advantages these services holds for business:

  • BPO provides lower cost
  • BPO is highly efficient
  • BPO focuses on main business activities
  • It helps expand business Globally
  • BPO helps to increase sales
  • Your competitors are beaten out
  • It is budget friendly

Benefits of KPO Services:

The advantages of KPO are very important for the business. Let us look into below!

  • KPO requires specialization in specific talent
  • KPO provides lower proportional costs
  • KPO provides access to advanced technology
  • KPO operates 24 hours
  • KPO improves your work efficiency
  • KPO increases Flexibility
  • The tax benefits are greater!

BPO services are important and give advantages to areas such as Call centers customer care, Recruitment and selections (HR), Web hosting or website services, Finance and accounting etc. KPO services are important and give benefits in areas such as market research, Investment areas, Media processes outsourcing etc.

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Best Practices for BPO and KPO Solutions

In any business weather on a large scale or small scale, it is very important to avoid all kinds or risks and errors. To do this, SkySphere considers the best practices that we follow:

  • You must define your overall purpose and goal
  • Your performance indicators must be well defined
  • Be ready for any kinds of risks
  • Keep a record of BPO lessons learned
  • Outsourcing agreement
  • It must be determined as to why you need knowledge processing
  • Right KPO companies must be identified
  • Tools must be productive
  • Decide and plan up the tasks.

SkySphere Pvt Ltd know and practices the best methods that provide long lasting and hassle-free benefits to your business.


SkySphere implements the best methods and provides you trusted and reliable BPO and KPO solutions. We are here to give you easy and budget friendly solutions where your business will reach the heights of success.

  1. Why do I need to know about outsourcing?

A: Outsourcing is one of the fundamental keys for business growth. Outsourcing helps connect business with high quality work force.

  1. What are the benefits of Outsourcing?

A: Outsourcing is easily adaptable in fluctuating market conditions. Outsourcing encourages scalability.

  1. How do KPO and BPO services benefit the business?

A: The BPO services help the business to reduce the costs, improve on efficiency and focus on competitors, where as the KPO services give access to knowledge and skilled resources without the need for in-house expertise.