What is Contact Centre?

A contact center is a point where organizations interact with customers. This is done through various channels. The main purpose of contact centers is to provide ongoing customer service and technical support by answering their queries with complete reliability and excellent solutions. Contact centers communicate with there customers through CRM (Customer relationship management strategies). The purpose of contact center is to enhance customer experience by taking an omnichannel approach.

Why is Contact Centre important?

Contact centers are important as they enhance customer experience. Here the sales representatives handle all the queries and provide ongoing technical support. Call centers are basically the most important part of customer care strategy. There are 02 types of call centers: The inbound call center and outbound call center. Let us go into details as to why the call centers important!

  • Contact center help to enhance customer service
  • It saves time and is budget friendly
  • It Enhances productivity
  • It makes a bigger customer reach
  • Generates leads and revenues

SkySphere is your best provider in delivering best contact center solutions. We keep in mind that customers are provided with quality service. So, if you are investing in a contact center service, it will guarantee to deliver favorable results for your business.

Let us look into details for inbound and outbound contact centers!

Inbound Contact Centre

The inbound call centers are contact centers that handle incoming calls from customers and businesses. The benefits are:

  • Inbounds improve customer service
  • The are cost effective
  • It provides 24/7 support
  • It helps boost customer loyalty
  • It improves productivity

Outbound Contact Centre:

An outbound contact center focuses on making calls to the customers who have made their enquires. Moreover, this is also done if the customer has any issues related to their accounts, purchases, returns etc. The benefits are:

  • It reaches customer on time
  • It can help retain customers
  • Improves agent productivity
  • It tracks important metrics
  • It enhances better customer service

SkySphere Pvt ltd is your best provider in both the services above. Our team of experienced staff is there for you to answer all your quires and provide a 24/7 professional assistance.

What is CRM?

SkySphere believes in CRM (Customer relationship management). So why is it so? CRM basically is a management system that helps businesses to provide and track all sort of communications with their clients. This further results in better time management, organization and efficiency thus impressing the clients. This provides benefits such as:

  • Better customer service and retention
  • Increased sales
  • Better productivity
  • Helps cultivate new leads
  • Profitability is increased

Benefits of Contact Centre Service

Contact centers provide a unique and enhancing experience to the customers. A satisfied and happy customer will bring in more leads and will be loyal to the company. Contact center provides various advantages such as: Dedicated answering 24/7, It enhances productivity between members, provides cost effective solutions, agents get a more professional experience, The customer service experience is much improved.

SkySphere is your reliable partner in making your business see success. With our CRM services, your benefits will be never ending!

Is employee training and retention important?

When you have a dedicated and professional workforce. SkySphere carries out professional training programs for our employees because we believe that a strong workforce is the ladder to business success. At SkySphere:

  • We follow the correct hiring practices
  • We invest in employees by giving them personalized attention
  • We utilize AI technology
  • The wellbeing of our employee is our priority
  • We offer rewards

By paying a competitive wage and making our employees career development a priority, SkySphere holds a strong and professional quantity of workforce. When our employees are happy, your business is happy too!

This is not the end! SkySphere has cloud-based centers too!

We are thrilled to inform that we also offer cloud-based centers too. Cloud based centers work on multiple channels and make communications with the customer. The communication can be done via phone, email or instant messaging. Moreover, an example of cloud-based center can be: G Suite, Microsoft Office and Slack. Basically, cloud-based centers handle both the inbound and outbound communications. The cloud-based center can be accessed from any where it still holds to provide quality service. Cloud based centers provide complete reliability, achieves global reach, they add communication channels very easily!

The Conclusion:

SkySphere Pvt Ltd provides all kind of Inbound and outbound contact center services. Our team of professionals are trained with delivering quality service. By providing efficiency, productivity, customer satisfaction, omnichannel communication and much more, we are here 24/7 to enhance your customer experience.